Saturday, October 26, 2013

Two Kids

I was certainly much calmer being a mom this second time around, but having two children definitely rocked my world.  My parents left Nashville early Christmas morning to get back to Utah to do Christmas with the rest of my family.  (Those troopers.  I'm so grateful they came and sacrificed a well-rested Christmas to come and help me.)  We said our goodbyes on Christmas Eve, and as much as I knew I would miss them and hanging out with my mom all day, and I wouldn't see them until the summer, I was terrified of being in charge of TWO humans all day long now.  I sobbed like a little girl when my mom left.  How on earth was I supposed to keep them alive and happy and safe and fed by myself all day long without my mom around?

Apparently, just surviving was all we could do for the first couple of weeks.  My first day alone with both of them (as in Scott went into work for a few hours, not even school) I was on the phone with the nurse for a little while (maybe 15 minutes?) and when I finally got off, I found this:
A self-dressed, chocolate-mustached, gnarly-haired Ellie who had just successfully eaten an entire bag of chocolate truffles.  I didn't even care.  It was a combination of being proud of her for seizing the prime opportunity and being tired and postpartum and realizing that something was going to have to suffer so it might as well be vegetables.
Being a mom is the best.