Monday, October 28, 2013

Ellie's Turns Three

Ellie was ecstatic to be turning three.

She was very specific about the kind of cake she wanted:
Mickey Mouse Guys

She loved helping bake, frost, and decorate her very own cake.

Proudly sporting her "Birthday Girl" ribbon

She wanted to go ice skating for her birthday so we packed up our new family of four and headed out.  Dad willingly accepted baby duties in order to get out of skating.  So I was the one to hunch over and practically carry her around.  She wasn't comfortable putting any of her weight on her skates and by lap #3 my back was killing me!  But she was loving it and it was her birthday so around we went.  Just as I was ready to call it quits, a little girl said they were leaving and we could have their walker thing.  So we went around some more.  It was easier and she was having a ball.

 We opened presents that night and she was spoiled rotten by everyone.  She was a happy kid that day.

 We're so glad Ellie was born.  She's the sweetest three-year-old there ever was.  Ever.  And we're just so glad she's ours.