Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Anne Lauren Lovejoy

Introducing (10 months late...)
Anne Lauren Lovejoy
Born December 14, 2013
6 lbs 9 oz
20 inches long

I asked to be induced on December 14, a week before my due date.  It went so well with Ellie and I wanted there to be as much time as possible between her birthday and Christmas, so I decided to go for it.  My mom flew in on Tuesday night and we got to play with her all day Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Scott took his last final on Wednesday and on Friday morning we showed up to the hospital at 7:00 to have a baby.  Perfect timing.  We checked in, did a bunch of paperwork, met a bunch of medical personnel that I don't remember and finally got hooked up with the IV and pitocin around 9:30.  The contractions weren't painful, but every time I'd have one it felt like someone was sitting on my chest and it was hard to breathe.  A few hours later, I decided I might as well get the epidural (since I was going to get one sometime anyway).  My anesthesiologist was NOT as gentle as Dr. Groesbeck, and I now understand why some women opt to not have them.  He was super rough and poked my hips a whole bunch.  Then when he gave me the numbing shot, he didn't warn me and I totally flinched.  After that, he started the epidural shot and it felt like he was digging around in my spine with a spoon.  I did not like him.  But the epidural worked great so I guess I should stop complaining.  We sat and waited a few more hours flipping through TV channels but it was the day of the Sandy Hook school shooting and after a little while we just couldn't stand to hear anymore about it.  We ended up watching lots of Family Feud.  Around 2:30, the midwife finally came in to break my water and get this party started.  Around 4:15, I told Scott I felt some pressure and needed someone to check me.  Just as we called for a nurse, a whole slew of medical staff rushed in to my room.  Annie's heartbeat had slowed way down.  Surprise...I was ready to push.  A few quick pushes later and we had our girl.  She looked so fair and not at all like her sister.  I was shocked and happy and so glad she was finally here.