Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ellie's Vocabulary

Ellie:  "What's this, Mom?"
Michelle:  "It's straw.  Scarecrows are filled with straw."
Ellie:  (Blank stare)
Michelle:  "It's like hay."
Ellie:  "Like Soul Sister?"
Michelle:  "It's like dried out grass, honey."

Did I mention "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train is Ellie's favorite song to dance to?  She's the best.

September Catch Up Part 1

Ellie often helps Daddy study.  She basically tells me to leave them alone so they can study.  It's really cute.
This is her "reading" Scott's homework.  She certainly doesn't lack imagination, that's for sure.
We went swimming some more and had picnics by the pool.
We wish Daddy didn't have to go to work and school and be responsible.  We wanted him to come play with us instead.  So we made videos and sent them to him all the time.

She's an even better swimmer when the water isn't freezing.  They don't heat this pool and by the time it was September the air outside was still warm, but the water was pretty darn chilly.

She pretended to shave her beard just like Dad.

We went to the State Fair.  It was actually really cool.  There was a great little area set up just for little kids and Ellie LOVED it.
Ellie the Cow and Ellie the Princess
 Ellie in the bounce house

This truck ride was a HUGE hit.  Ellie still talks about when she got to ride on a real "train" at the fair.
These two corn hole guys were professionals.  They must have come from the backwoods of Tennessee because they were serious about this game.  They were correcting the fair workers on the official rules of corn hole and tucked their cigarettes behind their ears.  They were something else.  (And they were really, really, really good at getting that bean bag in the little hole.)
 Ellie got to ride a real pony in her real cowboy boots.
 They're just the cutest.  Everybody at the fair loved them and her, of course. (Thanks for sharing them, Millers)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Rest of August

We helped Ellie practice riding her bike a lot.

We went to the Loveless Cafe, a Nashville restaurant famous for it's Southern cooking and charm.

 We swam some more and Ellie loved laying on a warm towel.  But didn't like the sun in her eyes so she came up with this.
We made lots of treats at Ellie's request...but she mostly pestered me for the beater/spatula/spoon/bowl.  "Can I lick it yet?  Can I have it now?  Is it ready?"

We found the moon a lot.  Before we moved, Grandma told Ellie that the moon is the same moon in Nashville as it is in Utah and that every time Grandma saw the moon she would think of Ellie.  Ellie latched on to that notion and with her ridiculously exact memory would recount that every single time we saw a moon.  We sent pictures back and forth to Grandma with our moon.

Oh, and this happened:

Yup.  That cute kid painted nail polish on her wagon, the bathroom door and handle, the sink and faucet, the bathtub, her rubber ducky, a toy mermaid, the swimsuit and dress up skirt she was wearing, and her nails.  She knew she had been naughty but was also pretty proud of her beautiful nails.  Once I realized there was no real damage and she hadn't gotten any on the carpet (a miracle), it was hard to be stern and discipline her.  That cute face in the tub was so funny.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Update...sort of

I'm tired of seeing the last post up on the blog but I don't really have the energy to get fully caught up so I'll just post a few pictures right now that are pretty old.  (I feel like I have to blog chronologically or else I'll skip something and never get back to it.)

We got ice cream for family night back in August (I know, seriously, how am I going to handle two kids if I can't even keep the blog up to date better than this?)  Ellie was a happy kid.  She was filthy, but happy.
The picture on the right is of her showing how chocolatey her arm got.
 When she was finished she said, "It was nummy ice cream, Mom."  No kidding, kid.