Friday, July 27, 2012

Me and My Girl

I have no idea why these pictures are so pixelated, but I just love them.  Here were are in all our morning glory snuggling on the couch - it's one of my favorite daily rituals.  She wanted to take some pictures and I can't help but smile when I look at them.
What a cutie that girl is.  She's the best.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Ellie took survival swim lessons with Miss Pam this year and they were a huge success.  After last year's pool water fiasco, I was eager to make sure Ellie was going to be safe at the pool this year.  Ellie loved swimming lessons (after the second and third lessons) and would ask every morning if she could go swim with Pam that day.  And halfway through the summer, Ellie is a fish!  She loves to jump off the side of the pool and swim to me.  She opens her eyes under the water, can float on her back, she finds the air to breathe all on her own, and twists from her back to her belly to swim.  She still has no fear, but at least now she has figured out how to breathe air instead of water!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

At any given time...

...there are a dozen pictures on my phone that look almost exactly like this:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sick and Tired

Ellie is a great her crib.  She still sleeps 11-12 hours at night and most days takes a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.  But she won't fall asleep in the car anymore and she never falls asleep playing or watching TV or being held.  She's just one of those kids that needs her quiet alone space.  Except when she's sick.  This poor girl had RSV in March and even though she wasn't a baby and it wasn't scary, it sure wasn't fun.  All of these pictures were taken in the same day.  Poor little girl.

Fell asleep in my bed (which is normally a trampoline/tent in Ellie's world) and watching TV.

In the car on the way to the doctor and poor girl feel asleep going potty.

Asleep sitting up but my sweet girl was still happy when she could stay awake.  What a total sweetheart.

Monday, July 23, 2012

I Spy...

Papa Mustache trying to watch some basketball on a Sunday afternoon but being a little too loved by his granddaughters.  We love that Papa!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Ellie is a great helper...sometimes.  Most of the time when I fold laundry I have her match socks up or tops and bottoms of her pajamas.  She's pretty good at it when she wants to be.  Other times she just makes me laugh.  She realized that the two socks she matched up also match Daddy's socks.  So she wanted to be just like daddy.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Scott has been accepted to Vanderbilt Divinity School!
Which means we're moving to Nashville!

We are so proud of Scott.  Vanderbilt Divinity is one of the top five divinity programs in the country and he was even offered a scholarship.  He's pretty much amazing.

Scott and I flew out to Nashville in March.  We wanted to see Vanderbilt and find a place to live.  Before we even landed, we realized that Tennessee was a little bit greener than Utah.

After landing, we headed right to Vanderbilt to walk around.  Our first stop...the Divinity School.
The Divinity School has its own really neat chapel with stained glass windows that fill the whole room with the colored light.

Since we were kid-less on this trip, we even went to a movie!  (I'm not a big movie-goer and I think in our almost four years of marriage, Scott and I have only been to three or four non-cartoon movies in a theater.  Poor Scott and his boring wife.)
The very best part of the movie was the military discount.  A normal ticket was more than $10, and the military price was only $1!  We tried to go back a couple of days later and but they had installed a new system and no longer had a military discount.  I was so bummed, I refused to pay full price for a movie that would have cost a fraction to see two days before.
Waiting in line to see the Hunger Games.  Love that boy.

We got to eat some pretty great food while we were out there.  We went to Jack's Barbecue on Music Row and Martin's Barbecue, too.
We didn't even come close to finishing this platter of food.  It was yummy though.

Nashville had lots of churches - some intersections would have one church at each of the four corners.  Some were very quaint and small and others were, well, not so quaint.
This church is massive!  It just keeps going and going and going and going!
 Nashville will be an awesome place to go to Divinity School.  We're so excited for Scott and we're excited to start the next stage of our lives in Nashville, TN.

Please come visit us!

Some Ellie Pictures

This girl loves "chicken bock bock".  She'll eat an entire happy meal - no problem.
Fun with sidewalk chalk

 Building "temples"

My happy girl

Washing the car...and super pleased they had a complimentary fruit bowl.  Haha.

We love this crazy girl!