Friday, March 9, 2012

Potty Training

While we were in the middle of it, potty training was the worst.  It was exhausting, frustrating, and dull.  Now that it's behind me, it doesn't seem that bad.  It was honestly awful, awful, awful...and then it clicked.

We started out on the big potty with one of those Dora seats.
We'd had the seat for a while and she'd sat on it plenty so I wasn't worried about getting her a little potty to start with.  Worst. Mistake. Ever.
She refused to go on the big potty.  She also has a ridiculously strong bladder which made potty training a nightmare but now it's awesome.  She would cry and beg for a diaper and basically hold it until her nap when she had a diaper on.  No amount of m&ms, chocolate chips, juice, chocolate milk, or even WHOLE cupcakes would convince her.  I was going insane

I quit for a week and tried to start again with a little princess potty.  It was worth way more than the $20 I spent on it.  At first she loved "her cute potty", but still wouldn't go.  I was ready to quit.  But Ellie insisted on having "her cute potty" around even though she didn't use it.  Finally, one night, Scott teased her and told her not to use her potty.  IMMEDIATELY, she walked over to it and did it all by herself.  I was in shock (and also bugged that he got to reap all the rewards of my days and days of work).  But I quickly got over that when I realized we could do this.
The rest is history.  She still wears diapers at night, but she uses the big potty, stayed dry at church, will go on command ("go potty so we can go to the store/park/grandma's house").

It's so nice not NEEDING to take a huge, stocked diaper bag everywhere.  Plus, her little bum is so much cuter in tiny, little princess underwear than in a big, bulky diaper.

Hooray, Ellie!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Random Favorites

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the past few months.  This girl is too funny.

Watching a show in the car and holding her makeup brush.
Reading her Wheels on the Bus book - her favorite book

This girl - do you see what she's wearing?  A tiara, six necklaces, snow white's collar thing, snow white shirt, and two skirts.  And holding her "That was easy" button.

She insisted on being all cozy warm for the drive home from Grandma's house.  She couldn't have been happier with this.

I love this.  I was trying to take pictures of her pigtails.  It was the first time I had braided them, but she's such a cheeseball, she wouldn't turn around for me to take a picture.  She wanted to smile for the picture.

Tucked in....again

Love her little tongue in this picture.

 Painting!  Her new favorite thing to do.

 She had her two year checkup and I brought her Mickey doctor kit (a gift from her cousins).  It saved the day.  She loved listening to her heart before the doctor did, using her flashlight, and even giving herself shots (although, she was ticked when she had a real one).

We took Ellie up to see Temple Square.  For a kid who LOVES temples, this was awesome.  She was so cute the whole time.  She would tell us who was in all of the big paintings and what was going on.  We went downstairs where they have the statue/mannequins of old prophets and did the same thing.  She knows more at two years old than I did at 10.  It's amazing.  She didn't recognize the prophet Isaiah so I told her his name.  Her response?  "Oh, write scriptures about baby Jesus."  Seriously.  Then we went upstairs to see the Christus.  She loved it.  She was so sweet about his "owies" and how "Jesus get owies for me".  Love her.

Haha.  Trying on a swimsuit "like Ariel".
Haha.  This one made me laugh so hard.  She was playing with baby Snow White when all of a sudden, she holds her up in the air and starts yelling, "It's born!  It's born!  Like the baby lion!"  She is holding up Snow White like Rafiki holds up baby Simba.
We're sure glad this little crazy face is ours.