Friday, October 28, 2011


Scott and I escaped for a few days in August to celebrate our three-year anniversary.  We had too much fun and played way too hard.

We flew into Long Beach and got in our super sexy rental car.
The bright yellow Chevy Aveo.  It was tiny but worked for just what we needed.

We drove to San Diego and stopped by the San Diego Temple to eat our lunch.

That night we went to dinner with a couple of Scott's friends from high school and their girlfriends.  It was fun to meet some of the 301 boys and wish we had remembered to take a picture.

We spent the night at the fancy W Hotel and spent a lazy morning walking around downtown San Diego.

We went to Sea World that afternoon.  It was fun.  But probably only because it was free (hooray for military perks) and we were only there for two hours.  It was cloudy and cool but I got a horribly ugly sunburn that luckily wasn't that painful...but it sure did look funny.

Then we drove back to Anaheim to go to an Anaheim Angels baseball game with Matt and Tazbaa who live in Los Angeles.  It was so fun to see them again and spend a little bit of time with them.
We drove them home and got to see their cute apartment, Matt's office building, and Tazbaa's school.

The next day we woke up early and got to the happiest place on earth when it opened.

Yes, this is the second time in three years of marriage that I have made Scott take me to Disneyland.
No, we did not take Ellie.
Disneyland is all for me.
We'll take her next time, I guess.

Anyway, Disneyland is the best.  We went on every ride we wanted to (except the Matterhorn which was closed) and hardly waited in any lines - although as soon as we would come out of a ride the line would be forever long...I guess we just kept getting lucky.

Scott was unhappy I stopped spinning to take pictures.
But I got tired.
Oh well, we went again the next day, too.

We started doing the goggle eyes and couldn't stop.  It was too much fun.

We had so much fun.
We were exhausted by the time we had to leave.
We drove to the airport two hours early and just waited.  And rested.
We're wimps now.