Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dear Baby,

It is not acceptable behavior to wake up your mother everyday at 5:30. At least not until you actually get here. I'm not exactly lithe and graceful these days so when I wake up, I wake up your father. And it's his vacation this week - the few days of the year when he doesn't have to get up at 5:30. Plus, there's nothing on TV that early. So cool it. Okay? Thanks.


Your bored, tired mother

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh Man, This Class is Boring

I know it's not a very exciting thing to blog about, but I am so not interested in learning this "stuff" anymore. Senioritis is in full swing. Seriously, I'm in class (I actually came today - it's been two weeks since I last made it to class) because today is the test review. And I'm quickly remembering why I haven't been coming. Learning how to be a "front-row player on Wall Street" is clearly not high on my priority list. I don't care how alpha affects a Sharpe ratio. I really don't care about hypothetical arbitrage. And honestly, I love that I'm winning the class stock market competition because I bought stock in Budweiser. Hooray Beer!

In other news, Scott and I have started taking a prenatal class at the hospital. My only interest in signing up for the class is so that I know what is normal procedure for this hospital. Everything else you can learn online (and with my interest level in my classes, you can bet I spend a lot of time on pregnancy websites). Anyway, so last week in class our instructor shows a little video describing episiotomies and then they showed one being done. Luckily, Scott and I sat near the back and someone up front was blocking my view. All of a sudden, one of the wives turns around, frantically looking for the nurse - BECAUSE HER HUSBAND PASSED OUT. The poor guy had completely slumped over in his chair, was as white as a ghost, and was way warm. Scott got him a cup of ice and he eventually recovered, but it was absolutely the highlight of the evening.

And for my own entertainment, here's my current countdown:

Class periods left until Thanksgiving Break - 7
Official days left of work - 5
Days left until Baby Lovejoy's arrival - 68
Loads of laundry left to do - 3
Hours until Scott picks me up to go to dinner - 4

If I can just get through the next week (and finish my paper on the imaginary world of the Himba people of Namibia - yes, I'm being serious - and my Investments test) life will be lovely.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans' Day

Our Veterans' Day Highlights:

  • Scott went to campus early in his Class A's (fancy uniform) to be in charge of flag detail.
  • One of my professors told me to thank a veteran. I gave Scott a big smooch.
  • We went to Famous Dave's in Midvale where they offered a free meal to any veteran and enjoyed some good old fashioned barbecue.
Luckily, I get to work with veterans on a regular basis. One of my main responsibilities at the financial planning firm where I work is helping veterans apply for a benefit to help them pay for their medical care. It's always really fun to talk to them about their service and look at their old discharge papers. (Side note: One of the vets that we've been working with brought in his discharge papers for me to work with. He is trained in judo and knife fighting. He's a real life ninja.)

Here's some eye candy of my favorite veterans.

Scott and his dad soon after Scott enlisted.

Scott with "his boys" at Ft. Sam Houston.

Me and Scott on our way to the Army Ball 2007 - just a day or two after we got engaged.

My father-in-law in his Navy uniform.

My love on his way to drill in the early, early morning.

Happy Veterans' Day to my military men!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Jerry Has a Friend


Sunday, November 8, 2009

RIP Jerry

Recently, we discovered we had a little house guest. An uninvited house guest. Jerry the Mouse had taken up residence in our kitchen of all places. We placed traps - enough so that Scott stepped on one (thankfully with a shoe on). We set down those sticky pads - I stepped in three (twice with shoes, once without). But apparently little Jerry was quite the ninja. Not only did he successfully clean off three traps of their peanut butter completely and nibble just enough of the cheese to avoid setting off the trap mechanism, but he managed to avoid all the sticky things that I couldn't...until tonight. Little Jerry finally got careless enough to get his tail stuck in the sticky pad. Poor Jerry.

I felt a little guilty about the whole ordeal. He was kind of a cute little bugger. But I'm also convinced that he's riddled with diseases and absolutely he scares me to death so I'm afraid it was time for him to go. RIP Jerry.

Let's just hope Jerry was a loner.