Friday, June 26, 2009

20's going on 80's?

I had a strange realization the other day. It came after a series of three events:

1. Scott and I were at the grocery store in the checkout line. The next row over consisted of a couple of college-age girls who apparently hadn't seen each other for a while. There was a lot of hugging and high-pitched enthusiasm. Scott became irritated.

2. I routinely fall asleep before 10 o'clock. I look forward to get it getting dark enough to go to bed. Last night, I fell asleep during the news at nine.

3. For the past three days, Scott and I have been working on this

It's a puzzle of Provo. Lame, I know. Lately, we've been acting like geriatrics. But to make up for it we had a real date night tonight--one without dentures, walkers, or hearing aids.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Letter to Ronald

Dear McDonald's,

I know I boycotted your breakfast for many years, but that was because I think Egg McMuffins are about as good as hot pockets. (Seriously, what is appetizing about that "Canadian" bacon?)

Anyway, about a year ago you redeemed yourself. You see, I tasted a McGriddle. Now, normally egg product and processed cheese food wouldn't be on my list of "things to put in my mouth". But, there's a baby in my belly. And he's rejecting everything else I eat and demanding those syrup-pocketed pancake buns and sausage breakfast sandwich.

So, dear, kind, friendly McDonald's, could you please consider serving breakfast in the evenings when I actually want to eat something?

That would great, thanks.

Love, Michelle

Monday, June 8, 2009

Poor Scott

Poor Scott. He has a crazy lady for a wife. Seriously. I'm always sick...and always whining. And then when I start to feel bad about whining all day long, I go insane. Timeline of today's events:

Scott wakes up early for his shift at the MTC.
Michelle wakes up from psycho dreams and proceeds to spend the next hour in the bathroom.
Michelle whines to Scott over text while he's in a work meeting.
Scott finds a substitute for his afternoon shift so he can come home early.
Scott finds Michelle curled up in a ball on the couch crying...but she doesn't know why.
Scott tries to comfort Michelle.
Michelle realizes how lucky she is to have a sane, caring husband while she's losing her mind.