Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pimped Out

If the piggy flu gets to P-town, I'm getting one of these.

Monday, April 27, 2009


By the time my mom graduated from college, she already had two kids. It was quite the feat. The day she graduated she put my older sister and brother to sleep, said good night to my dad, and got comfy on the couch. She watched movie after movie for the whole night - just because she could. There was no more homework, no more tests, no more student teaching. She was free.

Well, I'm still a semester away from graduating, but I am definitely my mother's daughter.

Since my last final on Wednesday I...

  • Ate a McGriddle from McDonald's (totally worth the heart attack once - or twice - a year)
  • Cooked a real meal - not cold cereal or macaroni and cheese
  • Went to the mall and saw all the crazies
  • Felt uneasy because I wasn't doing any homework
  • Played with my nieces
  • Went to a wedding reception
  • Played with Mandi and Katie and mercilessly mocked Twilight
  • Watched Marley and Me with Scott and Rachel
  • Prepared our 72-hour kits and watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
We're loving this whole summer thing. Welcome back, summer. Welcome back.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh no...

Something very bad just happened. It's Sunday evening. Scott is at the kitchen table studying like a good boy. I'm on the couch reading my accounting book getting ready for my next final. And my mind starts to wander. I start thinking about how superly fabulous life is going to be in about three days. Finals will be over. No more school. No more homework. The entire evening will be mine. I can spend time with the hubby without our laptops glued to us like appendages. I can play with my nieces without worrying about the homework I should be doing. I start thinking about weekend trips to St. George and playing by the pool. And suddenly...I'm completely unmotivated. Dang. I've checked out 72 hours too soon.

I'll go back to reading now. 44 pages. 9 practice problems. 1 report to study. Take accounting final. Prepare finance spreadsheet. Practice DCFs. Take finance final.

Then...celebrate SUMMER!

PS - good blog posts should be coming soon. No time now. But the birthday was wonderful!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tomorrow's Your Birthday!!! Happy Birthday To You!

Hey! Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife Michelle!
You can go to over-21 concerts now.... and I don't have to lie to anyone about your age anymore!
Happy Day! I love you