Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sometimes I Feel Cool... when I got a pedicure with my fabulous friend, Katie, last week. The girl doing my nails asked when I was going to graduate. I said this year. Shocked, she looked and me and ask how old I was. "20," I said. She was impressed.

Technically I graduate the very end of December 2009.


Technically I turn 21 in a couple of weeks.

But who wants to be technical anyway? Until then, it sounds really cool to be 20 and graduating from college this year.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reasons I'm jealous of my little sister

1. She looks like this:

2. She hangs out with cool people like Kylee and Kelsey, me and Scott, and of course these guys.

3. She gets to go to South Africa, Seychelles, and Thailand for three weeks in May.

Yep. Pretty jealous right now.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meet Peter

I asked (actually whined until he felt bad for me) Scott if I could buy this Easter January. And I've had him out since then.

Happy to Introduce: Peter Rabbit.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Why I'm a Finance Major

I remember now. I had forgotten for a little while, but I’m back to reality. You see, I have this finance professor who is so hard to understand. He is a little disorganized, a little bit spacey, and very easily distracted. The material is difficult and I’m not exactly a fan of trying to piece together the tangents in his lectures.

I was getting frustrated. I started to wonder if being a finance major was really all that great. Maybe I should have gotten a general business degree or majored in something like public relations or communications. Those majors don’t have to compute the WACC, APV, CAPM, FCFs, or P/E ratios.

On another note, Scott and I have been watching home renovation shows like “Income Property”, “Rate my Space”, and “My First Place”. It has gotten me into a crafty mood. I started looking at craft websites and finally found a project that I thought suited my skill level. You can read about it here, but the short version is basically some glue and a hammer.

This is what I tried to make. It's cute, right? You’ll notice I didn’t post of picture of what I actually ended up with. That’s because I’m a finance major. I’m happy to be one. Suddenly the unlevered cost of capital seems like a fabulous alternative to being covered in dried craft glue with a hunk of wood that is not cute and honestly pretty wobbly.