Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Cult of the Snuggie

For those of you that were wondering, Scott bought the Snuggie as a joke. We were at Bed, Bath, & Beyond this weekend getting a few things. While I was looking at a few random things, Scott was paying for the rest of the stuff. When I walked over to him in the checkout line, he and the checker girl were giggling. I thought it was about another customer or something and let it go. Little did I know that when we would unload our cart into the car a Snuggie would be waiting for me.

PS - USA Today wrote an article about The Cult of the Snuggie!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Scott and I are home from school and work right now - he has a cold and a fever and I have the flu. So while we're home, a couple of commercials have reminded me of some recent embarrassing events.

  1. I listen to iTunes radio at work. It's usually the "office friendly station" which involves cheesy love songs that go back to the 70s. One, in particular, caught my interest yesterday. It was the song, "Baby Come Back" by Player. It's the song on all the new Swiffer commercials. First of all, I love the commercials and secondly I confess I like the song.
  2. Scott bought me one of these...and yes it came with the clip-on reading light.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have nightmares.

Some are violent, some stressful, and others are just downright silly. But I wake up tired, tense, and agitated. For those of you who are curious, here are a few examples of some recent dreams:

  • I'm babysitting some kids and the infant is kidnapped and killed.
  • My neighbor comes to our apartment very early in the morning and wants me to serve her breakfast.
  • Scott and I know for some reason that he is going to die the next morning (I woke up crying from this one).
  • Last night a criminal was hissing at me (which startled me and woke me up at 5:00am)
I want a good night's sleep!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Ups and Downs of Being a College Student

The life of a college student is fascinating. It is filled with many ups and downs but mostly filled with homework. I've been thinking about some of the strange things that happened to me this week:

  1. I eat a lot of toast. Mostly because I'm tired of leftovers and toast is the only thing that's warm and good (as opposed to yogurt which is usually neither).
  2. I change clothes at least three times a day: one outfit for work, one for walking to and sitting through class, and one for studying (aka army sweats).
  3. I don't see my husband very much. At least not during the day. I'm so ready for summertime when the sun actually stays up after 5 pm.
  4. All of my textbooks sound the same: accounting, investments, financial management, money and banking. Boring.
  5. My landlord gave me pie. And I ate most of it before Scott got home from work. Oops!
Hooray for the upcoming holiday weekend!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Eve in St. George

This year, Scott and I actually stayed awake to celebrate the new year. We were asleep by 12:03 though. This is basically what we did all week.

It was my job to pack up all the Rockband stuff to bring down to St. George. Notice I forgot the drumsticks and Matt is rocking out with vacuum parts.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Normally, Scott needs to shave: working at the MTC, going to church, doing his Army stuff. But he was sick on Sunday...and hasn't worked since last Saturday. So he grew out the beard for the family vacation. It's amazing what a week can do for the guy.

Then he did this:

And then he did this:

Gross. It reminded me of the Hitler 'stache.

Thankfully he's back to normal now.