Saturday, June 21, 2008

Date Nights

Scott and I have had an amazing time so far this summer. It's been so nice to have a break from school. We're both working a lot but Scott always comes up with fun "date nights" after work.

We went to the Orem Owls game on Military Appreciation night and both got in for free.
Go Owls! Hoot hoot!

Goofing around at the driving range.

And last but not least....Ma & Pa's Cafe.

My new favorite place in the world. Except for Disneyland.

The story behind my love for Ma & Pa's:

One Friday night Scott and I were deciding what to do for dinner. We came up with the idea to try to find the oldest, most horrible hole-in-the-wall. Soon, we quickly discovered that meant eating at a Chinese buffet or a Salvadorian restaurant that screamed food poisoning. Just when we were about to give up hope...we found it. Ma & Pa's Cafe. Complete with Ma taking our order, a jukebox, and the "regulars" who started reminiscing when we put on Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. I love this place.

Yes, that's two straws in a milkshake.

And, YES, that is a Christmas tree in June. We couldn't figure this one out but I love it.