Monday, October 28, 2013

Ellie's Turns Three

Ellie was ecstatic to be turning three.

She was very specific about the kind of cake she wanted:
Mickey Mouse Guys

She loved helping bake, frost, and decorate her very own cake.

Proudly sporting her "Birthday Girl" ribbon

She wanted to go ice skating for her birthday so we packed up our new family of four and headed out.  Dad willingly accepted baby duties in order to get out of skating.  So I was the one to hunch over and practically carry her around.  She wasn't comfortable putting any of her weight on her skates and by lap #3 my back was killing me!  But she was loving it and it was her birthday so around we went.  Just as I was ready to call it quits, a little girl said they were leaving and we could have their walker thing.  So we went around some more.  It was easier and she was having a ball.

 We opened presents that night and she was spoiled rotten by everyone.  She was a happy kid that day.

 We're so glad Ellie was born.  She's the sweetest three-year-old there ever was.  Ever.  And we're just so glad she's ours.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The First Few Weeks


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Two Kids

I was certainly much calmer being a mom this second time around, but having two children definitely rocked my world.  My parents left Nashville early Christmas morning to get back to Utah to do Christmas with the rest of my family.  (Those troopers.  I'm so grateful they came and sacrificed a well-rested Christmas to come and help me.)  We said our goodbyes on Christmas Eve, and as much as I knew I would miss them and hanging out with my mom all day, and I wouldn't see them until the summer, I was terrified of being in charge of TWO humans all day long now.  I sobbed like a little girl when my mom left.  How on earth was I supposed to keep them alive and happy and safe and fed by myself all day long without my mom around?

Apparently, just surviving was all we could do for the first couple of weeks.  My first day alone with both of them (as in Scott went into work for a few hours, not even school) I was on the phone with the nurse for a little while (maybe 15 minutes?) and when I finally got off, I found this:
A self-dressed, chocolate-mustached, gnarly-haired Ellie who had just successfully eaten an entire bag of chocolate truffles.  I didn't even care.  It was a combination of being proud of her for seizing the prime opportunity and being tired and postpartum and realizing that something was going to have to suffer so it might as well be vegetables.
Being a mom is the best.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Annie's Hospital Pictures

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Annie the Baby

Annie was a sweet baby.  We had our fair share of marathon night wakings, but we also got lucky every once in a while and she'd give us a good four or five hour stretch.  Sometimes, even longer.  Ellie was a consistently bad sleeper until six months when she finally figured it out.  Annie has been more hit-or-miss since the beginning but has only recently consistently slept great.  She loved snuggling and slept in bed with me (while poor Scott slept on the couch) for a long time.  It was the only way we all functioned.  So glad that stage is over!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Anne Lauren Lovejoy

Introducing (10 months late...)
Anne Lauren Lovejoy
Born December 14, 2013
6 lbs 9 oz
20 inches long

I asked to be induced on December 14, a week before my due date.  It went so well with Ellie and I wanted there to be as much time as possible between her birthday and Christmas, so I decided to go for it.  My mom flew in on Tuesday night and we got to play with her all day Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Scott took his last final on Wednesday and on Friday morning we showed up to the hospital at 7:00 to have a baby.  Perfect timing.  We checked in, did a bunch of paperwork, met a bunch of medical personnel that I don't remember and finally got hooked up with the IV and pitocin around 9:30.  The contractions weren't painful, but every time I'd have one it felt like someone was sitting on my chest and it was hard to breathe.  A few hours later, I decided I might as well get the epidural (since I was going to get one sometime anyway).  My anesthesiologist was NOT as gentle as Dr. Groesbeck, and I now understand why some women opt to not have them.  He was super rough and poked my hips a whole bunch.  Then when he gave me the numbing shot, he didn't warn me and I totally flinched.  After that, he started the epidural shot and it felt like he was digging around in my spine with a spoon.  I did not like him.  But the epidural worked great so I guess I should stop complaining.  We sat and waited a few more hours flipping through TV channels but it was the day of the Sandy Hook school shooting and after a little while we just couldn't stand to hear anymore about it.  We ended up watching lots of Family Feud.  Around 2:30, the midwife finally came in to break my water and get this party started.  Around 4:15, I told Scott I felt some pressure and needed someone to check me.  Just as we called for a nurse, a whole slew of medical staff rushed in to my room.  Annie's heartbeat had slowed way down.  Surprise...I was ready to push.  A few quick pushes later and we had our girl.  She looked so fair and not at all like her sister.  I was shocked and happy and so glad she was finally here.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

All Caught Up

Okay, I think this is the last of the catch-up posts...until I have a baby and need to update with that news!

Scott's sister Rachel came to Nashville for a visit over the Thanksgiving break.  It was so much fun to have our first visitor and Ellie was so excited.  We started by tracking Aunt Rachel's flight online and watched her plane move across each state little by little.
 We had so much fun all week.  Apparently too much fun because this is the only picture I took the whole time and it's blurry and dark.  I cooked my first Thanksgiving for the four of us and our two missionaries.  Everything actually turned out really well (except the rolls I bought from a bakery which were a huge disappointment.)  Ellie had quite a few meltdowns after Rachel left.  "I miss my aunt so much!"  It breaks my heart to hear her say that and see her sad little face.  I miss her, too, Ellie.

Dwight, our Elf on the Shelf, made it back to us and Ellie LOVES him.  He's not as busy as other people's elves.  He doesn't bake cookies or hang out with Barbies.  But he keeps an eye on Ellie, reports to Santa, and finds a new place to land each night (most of the time.  Sometimes Mom forgets to remind him to move and he lands in the same place a few days in a row.)
Ellie helped me get out all the baby gear and test it out for baby sister.  She is the best helper.

Ellie used the back of Scott's old poster assignment to draw her people.  I love her drawings so much.  I really can't get enough of the noses with nostrils that look like pig snouts, the overly long fingers, and the recent addition of eyebrows and eyelashes.
She looked so grown up one morning before church I made her take some pictures.  She posed by our little Christmas tree (which she loves - she rearranges the ornaments and is SO PROUD of the star on top that she picked out).
We love this girlie.  She's the sweetest two-year-old around.